Association Rules

The following are the rules or better known as the Constitution.


Skelmersdale EX- Services Association


The Group shall be known as Skelmersdale Ex Services Association, hereafter referred to as SESA.


The aims and objectives of the Group will be to provide welfare and support for all its members and to any ex service personnel in the area who need our assistance.


The Group will be benevolent and charitable in nature and a non-profit making. Members of the Group will not gain or profit financially in anyway as a result of their work for the Group.


Membership shall be open to all ex-service persons on completion of an application form.


Membership may be withdrawn subject to the right of the member, or members involved to appear before a meeting of members to appeal against their withdrawal of membership.


The Group shall be controlled be a Committee, comprising of officers elected by the members of the Group at an annual greeting meeting. The terms of office will be treasurer, secretary and chairman for 1 year. A lifetime president and a welfare officer. The Committee and Group will meet on the first Sunday of each month.


The role of the Committee will be control the affairs of the Group, to keep accurate accounts of the Groups finances and to make decisions on the basis of a majority vote (the chairman will be entitled to an additional casting vote in the event of the tied voting).


The Committee shall have the power to refuse membership providing the reasons are given for such refusal and persons refused membership have the right of appeal to the full Group membership.


He Committee will make the best use of the funds available with regard pursuing the aims and objectives of the Group.


The Committee shall maintain a bank account in the name of the Group with at least two signatories being required for each cheque or transaction involving the Groups funds held within the account. The signatories shall be nominated by the Committee from the elected officers of the Group and shall not be related.


If expenses or the repayment of other costs incurred by members are refunded to members or officers of the committee, these will be recorded and be made known to the membership. Only “reasonable” reimbursements will be made and only for expenses incurred whilst working for the wellbeing of the group.


An annual general meeting (AGM) of members will be held during the month of August  and  will coincide with the end of the financial year of the group. Members at the AGM will lelect on a democratic basis a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and any other officers that they consider necessary for the administration of the group, to serve on the committee for the coming year. Members elected to the committee will serve for the period of one year but shall be able to submit themselves for re-election of they wish to do so.


The financial year if the group shall run from August 1st to 31st July each year. The treasurer will present an annual account of the last year the AGM. Copies of the accounts will be available to members prior to the meeting.


An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time at the request of a minimum of five current members.


In the event of the group going into dissolution, any assets remaining after the settlement of any outstanding debts of the group shall be donated to a local charity or charities with similar aims and objectives decided on by the then current members.


This constitution may only be amended via a vote of members at an AGM or EGM. However no change to this constitution will allowed which will alter the benevolent and charitable aims of the group as outlined in clauses (2) and (3) above, not to this clause or clause (15) dealing with the procedure to be followed with respect to the dissolution of the group.